Who We Are

Youth Food Project (YFP) is a non-profit initiative that uses local food as a pathway to educational and employment outcomes. 
We bring together locally-owned food businesses, public education institutions, & non-profits to empower and educate systems-impacted youth in the Bay Area.

What We Do

YFP Fellows complete our Culinary & Food Entrepreneurship (CFE) Training -- a 60-hr course that is accredited though San Francisco State University and infuses culinary skills, entrepreneurship, & technology into a social justice framework.
Upon completion of the training program, youth are employed in one of three pathways -- culinary, community health or food technology -- while they continue pursuing higher education.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to use local food as a foundation towards real upward economic mobility. We see longterm success as a salary of $50,ooo and/or completion of a 4-year college degree. 
Our vision is to create a world where every young person has access to great jobs, great health and great education.